Google’s driverless car to rid Gold Coast of bad drivers?

WHEN I first heard the news that Google had developed a self-driving car I thought, sarcastically, ‘what could possibly go wrong?’

With no steering wheels, brakes or pedals, the car is driven by on-board computers and exterior sensors.

The goal, say Google, is for the self-driving car to be safer than ones driven by humans as car accidents could be prevented with technology that can react faster than us crash-test dummies.


Because computers never crash – like hell they don’t.

If it’s anything like my laptop it will be upside down in a ditch, flashing its headlights and making weird farting noises more often than it will be on the road.

But then I saw a short video of the car in action and I was immediately seduced by all its possibilities.

Not least being if you were being seduced – literally – you wouldn’t have to pull over.


Which naturally brings me to the car’s potential as a baby sitter.

If you have a baby that won’t sleep, you just put it in the car, program the computer, shut the door and go back to bed while the car spins around the Gold Coast, rocking your baby to sleep.

What? No? There is a problem with that? What if I put a ‘Baby on Board’ sign in the window?

Ok, what about drive thru at McDonalds?

Just pin your order and some cash on the windscreen and send the car off.

Or after a big night out you could program the car to pick you up and take you home with no one able to accuse you of drink-driving.

Your could program it to drive beside you when you go for a walk so it can hold a drink and take you home if you get tired.

If the dog is being annoying you could send him to Brisbane and back in the car.

If you have to drive to Brisbane and you get to that point at Logan where the sun is slamming you in the face and you just want to curl up and go to sleep – you could just curl up and go to sleep.

Yep, I’m ready to Google it.

 What are your thoughts on this new car concept? Will it rid the Gold Coast of its bad drivers? Leave your comments below…

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