GoT documentary to drop after season finale

Anyone PANICKING about this almost-decade-long series finally coming to an end next week?! Because, yeah, we all are.

Never fear though, a trailer has dropped overnight for a Game of Thrones documentary, which will air the week after the season finale.

It was shot during the filming of the final season, and there are… some EMOTIONAL moments. *cue Jon Snow having a cry*


While us – the viewers – have had an extremely traumatic few years just waiting for the final season, these poor actors/actresses/producers/directors/writers/absolute gods/Night King’s followers have had the ever-more painful task of actually living out the ‘Game of Thrones’ for most of their careers, and it’s ending. Which is tragic.

It almost doesn’t even matter who sits on the throne at the end of this, we’ll be empty either way without more to look forward to. (We’re completely kidding, of course it matters who sits on the iron throne).

Anyway, the trailer for the documentary dropped overnight, and it’ll premiere on HBO on May 26.

So the emptiness has been prolonged… a week?

Check it out: