Government buys 100 hectares of land to save koalas

The New South Wales Government has bought 100 hectares of koala habitat in Pottsville, south of Tweed Heads, to help protect the local koala population.

The land is part of a 14 kilometre corridor from Casuarina Beach in the north to Black Rocks in the South. It sits adjacent to the Tweed Shire Council’s existing Koala Beach bushland reserve and will be added to Cudgen Nature Reserve.

The announcement is very welcome for many in the region after the the local koala population was last year listed as endangered.


The Tweed Shire Council’s General Manager Troy Green said the purchase was a “rare and far-reaching opportunity to make a real difference for koalas on the Tweed Coast”.

He said that the high demand in Australia for residential areas close to the coast, is “one of the reasons that species such as koala have become threatened with extinction.”

Scott Hetherington from the Council’s Biodiversity team added that having this new 100 hectares of land set aside for koala habitat would “provide a key chance to demonstrate that through good planning and management, we can create a situation that is good for people and good for koalas.”