Where does the government-funded gravy train end?

Pick up a newspaper, listen to a radio news broadcast or browse the online headlines and you’ll hear the message loud and clear – everyday Australians are struggling more than ever.

So it stands to reason to ask the question: if you had the opportunity to cash in on some ‘free money’ from the government, would you do it?

Even if you had to do a little ‘creative accounting’ to make it happen?


Technically, if we’re being honest, many of us do this at tax time.

We claim the odd mobile phone bill that isn’t technically all work-related. Or deduct some uniform laundering expenses when we don’t need to wear a uniform.

Perhaps we’ll even fudge the numbers on the car logbook so we can claim more kilometres than we officially expended on work-related duties.

They’re not exactly harmless, but they’re not likely to get you thrown in jail either.

But do you know who should be facing some sort of jail time? The decision-makers at the top at Careers Australia. In recent times, they’ve been taking the piss (excuse the language, but there really is no other way to describe it!).

You see, they’ve ripped off the public purse to the tune of more than 40 million bucks. They did it by accessing a goldmine of government payments for enrolling ‘students’ in educational courses – except, thousands of students never actually took a single class.

Between 2013 and 2015, Careers Australia enrolled about 20,000 people. Under the VET-FEE-HELP student loan scheme, which extended HECS-style loans to students studying diploma courses, they received funding for each enrolled student.

The only problem is, they failed to tell thousands of their ‘students’ that they were signing them up to a debt. They also failed to tell the government that a few of those students – 12,130, to be exact – didn’t pursue their course.

It’s now admitted that out of $190 million paid to them in government funding, a cheeky $44.3 million was obtained unfairly.

They’ve agreed to repay the money.

But surely someone within CA organisation is going to face some consequences for this blatant exploitation?

Or is it only those regular employees and small business owners who step out of line that have to worry about that kind of thing?

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