Government moves to curb offensive slogans on camper vans

The Government has moved to get offensive slogans on camper vans removed from Queensland roads.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said the plan to get sexist, misogynistic or otherwise clearly inappropriate messages off Queensland roads comes after extensive co-operation between the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and the Advertising Standards Bureau.

“Under the new arrangements, commercial vehicle registration holders who fail to comply with determinations by the Advertising Standards Bureau will face the prospect of having the registration of offending vehicles cancelled,” said Mrs D’Ath.


“I understand clearly the level of community concern about the vulgar, crass and offensive slogans that have been displayed on some commercial vehicles in Queensland and other parts of Australia.

“They have been the subject of frequent complaints to the Advertising Standards Board.

“When the ASB has deemed those slogans to be offensive, the typical response from the holders of those commercial vehicle registrations has been deafening silence.

“Now, they have a strong financial incentive to comply with the ASB, because if they don’t, their vehicles will be unregistered, off the road, and unable to generate revenue.

RACQ says they have welcomed the pledge for action from the State Government.

“For too long this problem has simply been allowed to languish while Wicked Campers thumbed their nose at the advertising code which had upheld many, many complaints against them to no avail,” RACQ Executive General Manager Advocacy Paul Turner said

“It’s excellent the Queensland Government is now looking to deregister the vans which refuse to remove offensive signage, however we’d caution that plans also need to be in place to ensure Wicked Campers cannot merely move its registration of vehicles across the border and continue to operate unchecked.

“This company was founded in and runs out of Queensland, it’s our job to make sure we help clean up the mess for good.”