Government plans to tackle Queensland teacher shortage

The Queensland Teachers Union is backing the State Government’s comments to get more specialists teachers in schools on the Gold Coast.

Figures from the Union show around a third of teachers have been forced to teach outside of their specialists areas.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says her government is trying to entice more people into the profession.


“This is a great opportunity for government, and the Education Minister, to run a very strong campaign about recruiting people who are currently out in the workforce and get them into the classrooms,” she said.

For a person to move from outside of the industry into teaching they must have previous qualifications and complete two-year long post graduate degree.

Queensland Teachers Union President Kevin Bates told MyGC the worst of the shortage is in maths and science departments.

“That’s been an ongoing challenge for a number of decades and it remains incredibly difficult to find teachers in the specialist maths and science subjects,” he said.

Mr Bates the lack of teachers could be linked to how the community views our teachers.

“There’s been negative messages widely spread about teaching as a professions,” he said.

“I think we need to refocus on delivering respect to the profession both in terms of pay and working conditions.”

The lack of specialist teachers isn’t just a Gold Coast issue, with schools around the State feeling the pinch.

The Opposition agree that it’s not acceptable to have a lack of specialist teachers in our school.