Government to resume India flights to bring Aussies home

The National Security Committee has reportedly agreed to start bringing stranded Australians back home from India as the COVID-19 crisis continues to worsen.

It’s understood the first repatriation flight will leave the country for India almost immediately after the Federal Government’s controversial travel ban is lifted on May 15.

As many as 200 passengers could be on the first flight, with the most vulnerable expected to be given priority.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to announce details of the plan on Friday.

The news will no doubt come as a massive relief for the more than 9000 Australians still stranded in the COVID-stricken country.

The Howard Springs facility outside of Darwin is expected to be used as a quarantine centre and will double its capacity to take in 2000 returned travellers a fortnight.

All Australians returning from India will be required to quarantine there for at least two weeks.

It comes as the Federal Government continues to face severe backlash for imposing the travel ban, which blocked all flights from India and threatened anyone who tried to break the rules with hefty fines and possible jail time.

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Here comes the next round of lock downs for us all.
Need a Government to say No.

Just when are governments going to grow a pair and do what’s right to protect their country rather than back down in case they become unpopular. It’s all about their own ambition in politics. The NZ minister is one of the few who can show them the way. Oh wait. She’s a woman so that doesn’t count.