Government under the pump after by-election losses

The Federal Government is under pressure to change tack, after losing heavily to Labor in the “super Saturday” by-elections.

The vote counting will continue today but Labor’s Justine Keay, Susan Lamb and Josh Wilson look set to return to Canberra.

The trio was forced to resign over their dual citizenship but have made an impression on their constituents in Braddon, Longman and Fremantle.


Labor’s Patrick Gorman will become the MP for Perth and the Centre Alliance’s Rebekha Sharkie held off a strong LNP push to claim the South Australian seat of Mayo.

The messaging promoted by Labor was a vote for the LNP was a vote supporting the big banks, versus a vote for the ALP was one supporting hospitals and schools.

The Government primarily focused on promoting “Labor Lies”.

Before the by-elections, the LNP downplayed their chance of winning many of the seats.

After learning the majority of the results, Minister for the Defence Industry Christopher Pyne reiterated this stance.

“Basically the result in Mayo is exactly what you expected, the Liberals didn’t contest in Western Australia,” he told Sky.

“We did very well in Braddon, there was an average swing in Longman.

“The Labor Party’s spin is that this is an amazing result… but effectively Labor’s won seats it already had back.”