Government’s India travel ban facing court challenge

A Federal Court challenge has been launched against the government’s India travel ban.

Flights from India have been suspended until May 15 due to the country’s massive COVID outbreak.

Anyone who tries to return to Australia from India via another country could face fines of up to $66,000 or even five years jail under emergency provisions of the Biosecurity Act.


The court action has been lodged on behalf of 73-year-old Australian man Gary Newman who has been stuck in India since March last year.

Lawyers for Mr Newman will argue that the ban is unconstitutional and breaches the requirements of the Biosecurity Act.

Mr Newman’s lawyers will this afternoon ask the Federal Court for an urgent hearing into the matter.

Speaking before the court challenge was confirmed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the travel ban would allow more Australians to return home in the long run.

“As a result of the pause the incidents of those cases at Howard Sprigs are starting to come down, but the pause is working and that pause will allow us to get Australian citizens and residents and their immediate families back to Australia under those repatriation flights,” Mr Morrison said.

More to come. 

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People have had so many chances to get back in the country since march last year when Gary Newman claims to have been stuck in India. If we go and let people in the country now who have come from a country that’s recording 350,000 cases a day what do you think will happen? Sacrifice a few to save many im afraid.

Yep and the court challenge will be paid for by Australian tax payers as well!