Government’s ‘Job Maker’ plan to be revealed today

The Prime Minister is today expected to unveil plans of the new ‘Job Maker’ program, as part of plans to reignite the Australian economy.

The program will encourage small, medium and large businesses to take risks, and will focus heavily on fixing the nation’s flawed skills and training system.

Improvements in the industrial relations area is also tipped to be top of the agenda.


Scott Morrison believes it could take up to five years to get the economy back up to speed post coronavirus, but has vowed to get it back on track as soon as possible.

There are also plans to boost skills and reform TAFE as well.

Scott Morrison will address the National Press Club in Canberra today with more details.

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Job Maker “The program will encourage small, medium and large businesses to take risks,” I sound like a broken record, if you don’t get all levels of Gov. Fed. State and particularly Local Councils to cut the red tape for business and development hollow statement, even if businesses wanted to take a risk cant. Is this Polly Talk or a genuine policy, Time will tell, I have a private sports facility development languishing at councils leisure since February 2018 waiting for a red rubber stamp, red stamp = red tape.

Agree … council red tape slows so much down. What are you doing exactly?

JobMaker will be just another way of us workers getting into more debt and yet more relief for those on the dole, those who have always been on the dole and probably ALWAYS will be because they’re the only winners EVERY time

What u said is absolutely true – it’s only the taxpayers taking the brunt – Thank you dole bludgers – fit for nothing but free $$$$ – yes let’s rip the govt off – useless scum on earth

So what do YOU suggest we do? Sick of hearing people whinging wirhout offering an alternate solution to our challenges.

ignorant comment

That’s pretty much a typical democracy way mate.