Graffiti costs slashed thanks to City App

Mayor Tom Tate’s city pride is alive and well with clean up costs slashed thanks to the City App.

The app, which allows members of the public to report new pieces of graffiti directly to Council, has played a major role in driving down costs.

Four years ago, graffiti vandalism was costing around $1 million every year.


Last year the annual cost came in at around $594,000 – a reduction by almost 40 percent.

Mayor Tom Tate says the City App will also match the various tags of the one perpetrator if there are multiples offences.

“They won’t just get charged on the one single offence, they would get multiple charges in one hit.

“It’s a rap over the knuckles on all individual tags that you’ve done,” he said.

Mayor Tate has just one message to tag vandals, as he repainted a city bench in Southport this morning.

“I look at you, you’ve got no talent, so go and do something else,” he said.

Council says reported graffiti is removed within five working days, while offensive graffiti is removed within 24 hours.