Grandparents want to be paid for caring for grandkids

Almost 40 percent of grandparents believe they deserve to be paid for looking after their grandchildren, a new study has revealed.

A survey by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency shows that on average grandparents care for their grandchildren for around 16 hours a week. The research also revealed that two in five grandparents believe they should be compensated for taking care of their grandchildren.

Currently more than 937,000 children in Australia are receiving care from their grandparents, which is reported to be saving the country $127.4 million each week in childcare costs. The Sydney Morning Herald claims that figure is vastly under valued however, as it calculates childcare at $8.50 an hour – which is unheard of.


The National Commission of Audit last year recommended grandparents be eligible for a childcare payment. However, the Government has ruled out paying grandparents for being carers. Treasurer Scott Morrison said: “For those who are doing the normal thing like my parents do and a lot of peoples’ parents do then, no, the government isn’t considering that.”