Grant Hackett’s frantic search for missing son

GOLD Coast swim star Grant Hackett may take the time to pull on a pair of shorts next time he needs to search for his son.

He’s been snapped with what looks like a singlet wrapped around his bottom while looking for four-year-old Jagger at Melbourne’s Crown Casino on the weekend.

The pictures of Hackett were obtained by the Herald Sun and also show him barefoot and shirtless in the hotel foyer.


It appears the former Olympian went into panicked dad mode when he woke to discover his son was missing early Saturday morning.

A witness said Hackett was in the foyer asking if anyone knew the whereabouts of Jagger who was later located by Crown Security.

The swimming star picked up four-year-old Jagger and his twin sister Charlize and took them to Crown where he often stays when in Melbourne.

Hackett lives in Sydney following a messy marriage breakup with the twins’ mother, Candice Alley.