Greater Sydney residents welcomed back to Queensland

Queensland’s road border barriers are now in the process of coming down, now that Greater Sydney is no longer declared a hot spot.

From 1.00am today, all of New South Wales is now allowed to travel freely into the Sunshine State, without going into hotel quarantine.

It comes six weeks after the concrete barriers and checkpoints were rushed back into place as a result of the Northern Beaches outbreak.


At the end of last week, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young decided there was no longer any risk, after Greater Sydney went two weeks without a new local case.

All the other infections recorded in the last month were able to be linked to an existing cluster, satisfying Doctor Young’s 28 day rule.

It’s prompted airlines to re-establish popular flight routes between Sydney and Queensland destinations, with more than 1 million airfares now available.

Queensland tourism leaders are hoping for a bumper Easter holiday period, to make up for the lack of Sydney tourists over the Christmas break.

Gold Coast police will provide an update later this morning as to how border operations on the road will change.

While Greater Sydney is no longer a hotspot, Perth has now been declared one after a security guard tested positive there yesterday.

Anyone in Queensland who’s been in Perth since January 25 is being urged to get tested and isolate until they return a negative result.

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All’s they did at the M1 checkpoint was to remove the “shed”, still single lane, still 40kph.
They should have left the shed, the border will be closed again before long…
Open the lanes and get traffic moving, that should be priority, but no, logic is not a strong attribute of QLD

Yes but for how long?
Her labor cohort in WA put the place into lockdown for just one positive case.
Qld made it for two weeks last time before she shut the gates.
Might be a bit different this time as she is busy working on how to get more $$$ out of Queenslanders to pay for all her stuff ups and salary increases.

No stuff ups that I’m aware of. Just one helluva strong woman determined to keep people safe in the face of adversity and confrontation by those who think they know better. You just have to look at other countries, especially the idiot pm Boris the Buffoon in the UK, who is still allowing overseas visitors to come and go as they please with no quarantine and no border controls in any of the four countries in the UK. Australia is doing fantastic compared with almost all other nations thanks to our strong policies.