Greens propose four extra public holidays including State of Origin Day

How would you like an additional four public holidays per year, including one on State of Origin Day? Well that’s what the Queensland Greens are promising if they’re selected at the upcoming state election.

Michael Berkman, Greens candidate for Maiwar says Queenslanders deserve the extra break.

“Everyday Queenslanders are working longer and harder while wages are stagnant and corporate profits soar,” Mr Berkman said.


“This is not just about an extra barbecue or trip to the beach.  This is about ensuring everyone can enjoy more time with loved ones, volunteering or building community.”

The extra holidays the Greens are proposing include State of Origin Day, International Women’s Day, National Parks and a day of significance for First Nations communities in Queensland.

“The Queensland Greens would consult widely on the extra public holidays,” Mr Berkman said.

“At least one of the extra days off would fall between Queen’s Birthday in early October and Christmas Day on 25 December where there are currently no public holidays at all.”