Greens push for pill testing sites around the country

Pill-testing sites could be popping up at a location near you, under a new plan being put forward by the Australian Greens.

Party leader Richard Di Natale announced the controversial plan on Friday, declaring that Australia’s drug laws need to change.

“Let’s get real about pills,” the Greens said in the launch of their “Just Test It” campaign.


“The war on drugs has failed and, every year, young Australians lose their lives after taking dangerous pills.”

Under the plan, pill testing sites would be established all over the country where people can have their potentially dangerous drugs tested for free, better understand the contents of their pills and even have one-on-one consultation with trained counsellors.

“The reality is that people will always choose to use drugs – in fact, almost half of all adults have used pills or party drugs,” the Greens said.

“We see drug use as a health issue not a criminal issue, and that community based pill testing will save lives.

“We’ve seen this overseas and even at trials here in Australia, where the evidence shows that when people get better information about the potentially harmful ingredients in a pill, they’re far more likely to bin it.”

It comes after two people died from suspected drug overdoses at the Defqon1 music festival in Sydney a few months ago.