Ground control to Mayor Tom, Can you hear us Mayor Tom?

OH dear – increased parking fines, water price hikes and now a proposal to introduce a bed tax to slug tourists to pay for some of the infrastructure they use.

Something is going on.

Not that I have a problem with slugging tourists.


But it sounds awfully like the council is in a bit of a flap at the moment, looking for some easy, extra cash.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has reportedly written to the State Government asking for legislative changes so he can slap a tax on tourists.

He said he would rather burden tourists than ratepayers with the multi-million dollar cost of the infrastructure those visitors use and abuse each year.

He’ll be charging for entry to the beach next.

Could it be the council is in a panic at having to pay for the extensive investigations required for the cruise ship terminal proposal?

The State Government has virtually washed its hands of the deal, handing it, and all its problems, back to the council.

And by council I mean Cr Tate who was last seen fleeing the Council chamber with the terminal development proposal clutched in his sweaty hands before any of the councillors could have a good look at it.

Naughty Tom.

Are taxpayers going to have to cough up for the massive cost of all the environmental studies and investigations the state government has demanded the council conduct before it will be approved?

With the government’s notable lack of enthusiasm for the project, could it just be one huge waste of money?

Stubborn Tom.

Well at least he will have the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct to fall back on – a lovely plan that only requires a measly $300 million to be built.

The first sod is supposedly going to be turned next year but Cr Tate has so far refused to detail how it will be funded.

Not Talking Tom.

Oh and there is still the council’s $210 million contribution to the 2018 Commonwealth Games to come up with.

Cr Tate has warned there will be no non-essential projects funded until after the games because the council is skint.

So, please, no one break anything for at least five years because it won’t be replaced.


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