Group gets six years jail over ‘sadistic’ eight-hour torture

THE FOUR men behind a horrific eight-hour torture at a Southport home have been sentenced to sixyears behind bars.

Christopher Goulding, 20, and teenagers Dean Knox, Zane Potts, Jayden Peters and all pleaded guilty to one count of torture in relation to the incident on February 7 last year.

Jay Marsters, who was 18 at the time, was filmed being burnt with cigarettes, hit repeatedly with a hammer, having a tooth ripped out and forced to drink urine.


In Southport District Court on Thursday, Judge Clive Wall said the incident was sadistic, cruel and callous and said there had been a significant impact on the victim.

“The terrifying attack lasted from about 11.00am until early evening,” he said.

Mr Masters says he can still feel pain from some of the injuries he sustained.

Mr Wall sentenced each offender to six years imprisonment.

Knox will be eligible for parole in February next year, Potts and Goulding one month later and Peters in January 2017.