Group of kids arrested after driving recklessly through Gold Coast

Police have tracked a car from Hope Island to Southport this morning, which was reportedly being driven recklessly by young children.

Officers were called just before 11.00am to Broadwater Avenue in Hope Island, after reports a person was almost hit by a four-wheel-drive.

Police were able to track the vehicle to an address in Southport, where as many as four kids were seen getting out of the vehicle.


Two were able to be taken into custody at the Pohlman Street location, though another somehow got onto the roof of a unit.

Queensland Fire and Ambulance were then called in with a cherry picker to retrieve the youth, when it’s understood they were then also taken into custody.

Multiple crews were called to the scene, with witnesses reporting various police vehicles and a chopper overhead.

All youths involved are believed to be between 12 and 17 years old.

Investigations are underway.