Guinea pigs help Gold Coast woman beat eating disorder

AN Elanora resident has used “pet power” to help her overcome an eating disorder.

Monique Davenport was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa when she was just six years of age.

While struggling with food she said her friends knew she liked guinea pigs and started giving her any unwanted creatures.


Before she knew it she had 25 guinea pigs and set up her own Rescue Service.

This year alone Monique has found mums and dads for 500.

Monique said the timid creatures were key in her recovery from an eating disorder, “the compassion and the joy that I get from the guinea pigs has definitely helped me with my recovery through that and just putting all my focus on them has definitely helped”.

She said that she loves the fact that they are all different “there’s rough coats, there’s long hairs, there’s guinea pigs that have hair going this direction and that direction and then there’s lots of different colour varieties”.

Monique has around 100 for adoption “so we do have quite a wide variety from young to old”.

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