Guinness Book of Records world record for… the most Guinness Book of Records

A MAN has earned a place in his favourite records book for owning the world’s biggest collection of Guinness World Records annuals.

Martyn Tovey, aged 57, has spent more than 40 years building up a collection of 353 individual annuals from around the world – plus 2,164 items of memorabilia.

It all started after Martyn won the Guinness World Records as a school prize and his mum has given him the latest annual for Christmas every year since 1971.


“My interest in the books was driven by a childhood obsession with facts and figures. The books gave me a fantastic reference guide, which was updated with the latest data every year. I asked for one for Christmas and have had one every year since. Hopefully I will get one this year.

“My favourite is the 1960 edition with handwritten corrections by Norris McWhirter, while the strangest is perhaps a ‘Sportsman Set’ consisting of a bottle of aftershave and a Guinness paperback book. I find out about special editions from around the world and try and track them down.

“But it wasn’t until this year, when we met Martyn, that we realised we should open a category for the largest collection of Guinness World Records books.

Such is Martyn’s dedication to documenting our history that his incredible collection outstrips even the archive at Guinness World Records.

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