Gunshot victim buys Slurpee and smokes before getting help

A MAN has limped into a service station in Logan, buying cigarettes and a frozen drink, before witnesses realised he was in serious trouble.

Police have confirmed, it turned out the 29-year-old had a gunshot wound to his lower back/hip area.

He has since been taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in a stable condition, and is cooperating with Police.


Extraordinary security vision from inside the 7-11 store on Logan River Road shows the man, dressed in long black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt, arrive on a bicycle before struggling to walk up to the counter.

It’s believed he bought a packet of smokes and paid for a Slurpee.

He then limps over to the Slurpee machine and pours himself a drink. At one stage he appears to touch his wound and wipe blood on to his pants.

The wounded man then heads back outside, where he appears to slump to the ground.

That is when witnesses phoned an Ambulance and the man was treated at the scene, before being taken to hospital.

Police also attended the scene and are questioning the man, with mystery surrounding how and where he was shot.