Half of eligible Queenslanders now fully vaccinated

Queensland has officially ticked over the 50 per cent fully vaccinated mark, as New South Wales looks to the next steps after hitting an important milestone.

As of Thursday afternoon, 50.3 per cent of people over the age of 16 have received two doses of a vaccine in Queensland.

While 68.8 per cent have received at least one dose.


It comes as the country sits at just over 81 per cent of those over 16-years-old who have received their first dose, and just under 60 per cent.

It comes as New South Wales looks to ease their restrictions from Monday, now that they’ve made it to 70 per cent double dose.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says they will lead the way for other states still stuck in lockdown.

“I want this to be a sign of hope to the rest of the country, particularly those in Victoria, who I’m mindful of today, and here in the ACT, where the lockdowns continue. 

“What it does show is those vaccinations have enabled New South Wales to now get to that point where the light at the end of that tunnel is now very, very close.

“And that will be true for Victoria, it will be true for the ACT as well, as they go towards these marks,” Mr Morrison said.

The Prime Minister is also allaying fears that other states won’t experience the same type of outbreak such as New South Wales, provided vaccination rates are high enough.

“Sure, in many states around the country they are not living under the harsh and strict conditions that we’ve seen in New South Wales and Victoria and the ACT,” Mr Morrison said.

“But they can avoid those outcomes because COVID will certainly come. There’s no avoiding that. And everyone understands that. 

“There’s no part of the world where people don’t understand that under the Delta strain it eventually comes.

“We’re seeing that in New Zealand and in the eastern states. And it will come.

“But when that day comes, when your vaccination rates are at those 70 and particularly 80% levels, that means you’ll be able to withstand it,’ he said.

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