Happy ending for chlamydia-infected koala rescued from Coomera

A chlamydia-infected koala rescued from Coomera earlier this year is now happy and healthy after receiving two and a half months of treatment at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

The fugitive koala, known as “Fugi” after a mammoth month-long rescue operation, was released back into the wild on Tuesday.

According to Wildcare volunteer Angela Blake, it was the “best day of her life” to be able to return Fugi back to his natural habitat of Coomera.


The sick koala was first brought to the attention of volunteers from Wildcare and the Coomera Conservation Group after a resident reported the koala had red eyes and a stained bottom, which are known signs of chlamydia.

However Fugi’s rescue proved to be quite a challenge and it took a month to track the koala down as he was always too high in the trees.

After many attempts, the volunteers held a 24-hour rescue operation and finally managed to rescue Fugie.

He was taken to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, where he spent almost three months receiving treatment, worth approximately $6000.

Dr Michael Pyne, Senior Vet of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, says he is extremely appreciative of all the volunteers involved in Fugi’s rescue.

“It’s really important we get these koalas in, we were able to save Fugi’s life by treating the disease early”, Dr Pyne said.

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treated 475 koalas last year and more than half of them were suffering from disease.