Happy Queensland Day! How good’s Queensland?

Happy Queensland Day! (It’s actually a thing) How perfectly timed?

Today, June 6, marks the day that we were released from New South Wales, the cord was cut, the line was drawn, and someone probably dreamt of the day we’d go to war with each other on the football field… (how good’s Dane Gagai by the way?)

On this day in 1859 Queen Victoria signed the letter herself, establishing our very own, fantastic, colony.


So Happy Birthday Queensland – you’re old! 160 years old to be precise.

As true Maroons, we know how to celebrate in style of course!

Our State of Origin superstars kicked off celebrations off by drawing first blood last night against the very state we separated from all those years ago! Oh, the irony!

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk knows what we’re talking about.

Sure, it’s only Thursday, but it’s a great Thursday, because we’re awesome.

Happy Queensland Day everyone!

Also just try not to tear up at all these stellar Queenslanders talking about our great state.