‘Hardworking dad’ claims $50m Powerball prize

A HARDWORKING dad from Sydney is in a “state of disbelief” this afternoon after realising the Powerball ticket he had been carrying in his wallet for the past two days was worth $50 million.

The Riverwood man came forward on Saturday after checking his ticket numbers online and discovering that half of Thursday’s $100m Powerball jackpot was his.

Speaking to a NSW Lotteries official to confirm his win, the elated man expressed his utter disbelief at his $50 million payday.


“Oh yeah mate, I’m in a bit of shock to be honest!” the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. “I’m still in shock, I can’t describe it.”

The regular Powerball player had unknowingly been carrying the winning ticket in his wallet for the past two days.

He said he usually checks his tickets “every few weeks” but got his son to check the numbers online this morning after hearing the mystery winner was still out there.

“It’s just been in my wallet the whole time. I’m guarding this ticket with my life,” the man said.

“This morning I heard the winner was from the Bankstown area and they hadn’t found them yet…so I got my son to check the numbers for me online.

“I didn’t scream at the news – I won’t scream until I have it all in my hand!”

The new-found multi-millionaire said he and his wife had worked hard all their lives to raise their family, and he looked forward to using his Powerball windfall to retire early and set his loved ones up for the future.

“It’s crazy! It’s a lot of money to win,” he said.

“We’re going to get financial advice – that’s the key now.”

The man purchased his winning entry from Broadarrow Newsagency at Narwee.

Owner Mandy Tiaw said she was ecstatic her customer had finally been united with his massive prize.

“That’s great to hear the winner has been found,” she said.

“I’ve been telling all my customers we sold the division one winning ticket.

“I’ve only had this store for less than two months so it’s amazing to have such a big win so soon.”

Young man stunned by $50 million Powerball surprise

YESTERDAY, it was revealed a young Melbourne man who checked his Powerball ticket before going to bed on Thursday night was the other division one winner and now $50 million richer.

When speaking to officials to confirm his mammoth prize, the man aged in his 20s said he was “trying to remain as calm as possible”.

“I’m trying to remain as calm as possible!” he laughed.

“I only bought this entry last night before the draw closed.

“I’m going to do the right thing. This win is life changing!

“I’m going to look after my whole family – invest money in property and shares. It will make a massive difference to a lot of people.”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry online.

Up to one-in-three Australian adults are said to have had an entry in Thursday’s record-breaking draw.

The two new division one winners join an exclusive club of just 15 Australians who have won a division one prize of $50 million or more in an official Australian lottery draw.

But they weren’t the only winners, with almost 3.5 million other players collecting a return ranging from a division two prize of $122,896.20 down to ninth division’s $10.55.

The winning numbers were 33, 3, 32, 13, 27, 35 and 31, with the all-important Powerball number being 3.

So far in 2018, there have been 13 Powerball division one winning entries worth $274 million across Australia.