Hate cooking? Try Christmas lunch popcorn!

IT’S DEFINITELY time to get out the blanket, curl up on the couch and watch some Christmas carols.

Why not accompany that with the ultimate Christmas snack.

Created by Pop Concept, Europe’s first popcorn boutique, the box offers delicious Deluxe Vegetarian Christmas Lunch popcorn for a seasonal twist on the traditional sweet treat.


The Popcorn Christmas Lunch PHOTO: Selfridges

The Popcorn Christmas Lunch PHOTO: Selfridges

The popcorn Christmas lunch includes a selection of 6 hand-popped, naturally-flavoured popcorn including scrumptious turkey, cranberry sauce, chipolatas, stuffing, carrots and sprouts.

It’s less than 350 calories, as opposed to the average Christmas lunch which is about 1,450.

This is basically Christmas dinner for lazy people.

To top things off, there are dessert flavours as well like Joe & Seph’s mince pie or brandy butter popcorn.

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