Have 20,000 punters proved the haters wrong?


FOR the last three years, Gold Coasters have been pretty vocal in their frustration during construction of our new $1.2 billion light rail network.

[blockquote]“It’s a waste of tax dollars,” they said.[/blockquote]


[blockquote]“An expensive eyesore,” they said.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]“No one will ride the G:link. How long before it’s scrapped?” they said.[/blockquote]

Some people have had every right to feel frustrated, impatient and outright angry.

With all the construction and disruption in certain areas, customers all but disappeared. Hundreds of businesses were impacted, with many forced to shut up shop completely.

Losing your livelihood is something you have every right to be seriously upset about.

But to everyone else? To the whingers and whiners who were barely impacted during construction, bar the odd traffic jam through Surfers, but who continued to complain, loudly, about everything that’s wrong with the G:link?

To those people I say, grow up!

The fact is – we need it.


The Gold Coast is expanding. We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto. Our population has reached almost 600,000 people, and we’re growing every week.

In 10 years time, if we want to be able to get to work, drop the kids to school, run errands, visit our mates – basically, if we want to get around the Gold Coast at all without sitting in traffic for an hour each way, then we need bigger and better forms of public transport than the old Surfside bus.

On Sunday, the tram transported more than 80,000 people around the city to give Gold Coasters a free taste of the light rail.

On Monday, around 20,000 Gold Coast commuters handed over their hard-earned cash – between $4 and $6 one-way – to ride the tram on its first day of paid operation. Some carriages were standing room only.

This is a great result! It means less cars on the roads, less vehicles in car parks, less pollution in the air.

I just don’t understand why some people seem so determined for the tram to fail, especially now that all the hard work is done. I for one am glad that so far, fears of “ghost trams” remain unrealised.

I’ve noticed one other unplanned benefit of the tram…

Riding between Southport and Surfers on Sunday, I couldn’t believe the number of people who were on their phones. Not on the tram – I’m talking about people in cars. At one point, we paused near traffic lights and of the 20-odd cars waiting for the light to turn green, I could see that all of them were engrossed in their phone. It’s an easy way for police to book dialer drivers is all I’m saying.

Methinks there may be more people riding the G:link to work than anticipated.

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