Have Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten split again?

Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten were married in June. Since then they have called it quits three times.

And now it seems they have split up again, according to Gabi Grecko.

The America model declared on social media on Thursday that she is ‘Going back to live in New York Permanently #byebyegeoffy’ and shared an image of the city.


She then responded to a comment from a fan saying ‘NYC is home, there’s a million fish in the sea’, before posting a photo of her on a plane.

The split comes a day after Gabi was the first to be ‘fired’ from Celebrity Apprentice.

Geoffrey confirmed the couple had split again to the Daily Mail, saying ‘She watched the show [Celebrity Apprentice] yesterday and it brought it all back. It was a book that was published five years ago, for God’s sake.’

‘She’s upset and insisted this morning that she wanted to go back to New York and spend time with her cat….She does this all the time.’