Have your say on Gold Coast cruise ship terminal

YOU will get a chance on Monday or Tuesday to have a say on the proposed Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal project.

Community workshops will give participants, some randomly selected and others volunteers, an opportunity to help shape key elements of the design.

ASF Consortium is developing a revised concept in response to recent changes to the scope of the project by the Queensland Government that ruled out use of the northern end of The Spit for development.


Random workshop participants have been independently selected by Newspoll.

The workshops are part of ASF Consortium’s next phase community consultation plan to give the local community an important opportunity to have their opinions heard as the revised project concept is being shaped by a team of more than 100 local and international designers.

Local Project Director, Tim Poole, says that these workshops will first seek feedback around the height of the development and the nature of the open space on Wave Break Island.

“We are looking forward to hearing what the community has to say as we refine the project concept to meet State Government’s new conditions,” said Tim Poole.

“It’s a particularly exciting process because the new timelines mean we are developing this concept in parallel with the community consultation – feedback can be sought immediately on a number of aspects of the design.

“This isn’t the only way the community can give feedback right now and it won’t be the last time the community are able to help shape the project.

“We’ve also just re-launched our project website, are running an online Community Benefit survey and we are set to establish a Stakeholder Reference Group due to meet later this month,” said Mr. Poole.

The rest of us can provide feedback at any time by using the ‘Have Your Say’ function on the project website or by calling 1800 483 261 on Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.