Hawaiian Police chase new Allenby claims

HAWAIIAN police are chasing up new claims in the attack on Australian golfer Robert Allenby.

A second homeless person has come forward, saying he found Allenby on the ground, in the path of street sweepers.

The man says when he told the golfer he needed to get up, the 43 year old accused him of stealing his wallet, and yelled “do you know who I am? I have a million dollars”.


The men accused of  beating, robbing and abducting him after a night out at a Hawaiian wine bar face more than 10 years in jail if arrested and convicted.

As detectives scoured businesses throughout Honolulu for surveillance footage to solve the mystery of what happened to Allenby, the police announced they had launched second degree robbery and fraudulent use of credit card investigations after his stolen credit card was used.

Police are working hard to construct what happened on that night, with Allenby not being able to recall much of the night and other witnesses recalling conflicting events.

Another witness claims she found and helped Allenby a short distance away from the bar, nowhere near the 10km away Allenby had claimed.

Investigations will continue.