Hayden Panettiere reveals she wants more kids… but there’s a catch

Hayden Panettiere has revealed she would love more kids, but she has a surprising way she would like to have them.

While appearing on Live! With Kelly and Michael the actress said it would be great if her fiance could take over some of the child-bearing duties.

The 26-year-old actress said she would love four children, but doesn’t want to ‘speak too soon’.


“One at a time. I mean, I would love it if Wlad figured out a way to get pregnant and he could have the baby. We would be going right now, no problem.”

And it seems he wouldn’t mind taking over the child-bearing job.

“When I was pregnant, he did this thing where he would suck in his stomach and then I would put my stomach to his so that he could feel when she was moving—almost like she was in his stomach. He wanted to feel what it was like to have a baby as close to him as it was to me.”

The couple welcomed their firstborn baby girl, Kaya, in December 2014.