‘Hayne Plane’ attracting attention ahead of Sunday’s Titans debut

New Titans recruit Jarryd Hayne has trained with the Gold Coast side for the first time, ahead of the game against the Warriors on Sunday.

He will start on the bench this weekend after being proven fit.

Meantime the Daily Telegraph reports Fox Sports will embrace “Jarryd-cam’’ for the first time when the ‘Hayne Plane’ makes his debut for the Titans.


Hayne will wear an extra camera for the entire 80 minutes of the match.

That means Foxtel viewers, who want a different perspective, just have to press the red button on their remote controls to see exclusive footage of Hayne, including warm-ups and off-the-ball action.

A new mark is expected to be set again when the season’s biggest signing runs out against the Warriors.

Only single seats are available for Sunday’s game at C-Bus Super Stadium.