Hayne will be better than Bradman

JARRYD Hayne is Australia’s greatest sportsman.


We just don’t know it yet.


In the not-to-distant future when the primary school kids of today are in university bars or local bowls clubs enjoying a cold beer while dominating the weekly pub quiz night, they may be asked to give an answer to what right now seems an impossible question.

Who is the best sportsman Australia has ever produced?

Myriad names come immediately to mind.

Warne, Bogut, Fanning, Johns, Ablett Jnr, Thorpe, Mills, Folau or Scott.

What about Lewis, Ablett Snr, Laver, Perkins, Doohan, Richards, Eales or Norman?

And that is just going back only a few years, just off the top of my head.

Right now it is simply too hard to quantify who had more talent/achieved more/was more famous/dominated their sport the most to make an absolute decision on who is the best our nation has ever produced.

But what if one could achieve something we previously thought impossible?

Would that man be able to claim the title of aussie’s greatest?

The truth is there is one man and one man alone that possesses both the opportunity and the talent to become the undisputed best of the best in the annals of Australian sporting history.

That man is Jarryd Hayne.

That’s right. We’re talking about the man who turned down millions of dollars to stay at the Parramatta Eels to travel to America to try out for a spot in the NFL.

Yes. The NFL.

What the hell was the fool thinking right?

Ask anyone and they will tell you, Hayne is completely out of his depth over there.

In the big leagues. Amongst men.

Pundits don’t even think he will make the extended training squad let alone get as far as actually playing NFL.

But ask yourself this…what if he does?

What if, against all odds, he strolls into the United States’ biggest sport and not just gets a jumper but absolutely brains them?

If (when) Hayne begins his domination of the NFL that act will put Australia on the international sporting map in such a way as has never been seen before.

Not Norman, not Kewell, not even the great Don Bradman would be able to compete.

It would alter our nation.

The Hayne Plane would be the new ‘Shrimp on the barbie’.

A national day of celebration would of course ensue ala the ’83 Americas Cup.

But more than that.

We would finally know we were right.

We would finally be able to definitively prove that our sports (and by extension our athletes) are, well, better.

Hayne can make that happen.

And that would give our kids their answer.

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