Health and Safety called in over two more incidents at Dreamworld

More safety concerns at Dreamworld, with the theme park confirming they’ve referred two more incidents to Workplace Health and Safety.

It’s understood a person narrowly escaped serious injury on the Triple Vortex slide at WhiteWater World recently, while staffers had a lucky escape during the maintenance of the Pandemonium ride when one of the three tonne arms fell.

Dreamworld released a statement yesterday, reaffirming their relationship with Workplace Health and Safety remains open and transparent.


“We reported an event to QHSW which occurred in our Engineering Centre during scheduled maintenance, are working cooperatively with them and have received confirmation that they are satisfied with our actions.

“We acknowledge a minor even that took place on the Triple Vortex slide at Whitewater World and we confirm that a notice was not issued by QHSW.

“WHSQ have advised they are satisfied with out actions in relation to this matter,” the statement reads.

The two near-misses follow a horrific incident at WhiteWater World last month, where a young girl sustained serious injuries on the Fully6 waterslide.

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Dreamworld says Workplace Health and Safety have finished their investigations on that matter, issuing an ‘improvement notice’.

But the theme park has asked for a review, maintaining they operated the ride in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

“With regards to the Fully6 improvement notice, WhiteWater World acquired the waterslide from a top tier manufacturer who supply water slides globally,” a statement reads.

“Our operation of the slide is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer which we have verified was the case on the day of the recent event.

“Whitewater world has requested a review of this notice with WHSQ and the notice is currently stayed.”