Health authorities baffled over new Gold Coast coronavirus case

Health authorities are yet to figure out where a new case of coronavirus originated from on the Gold Coast, though active case numbers continue to diminish.

The new case – diagnosed on May 4 – was one of five new Queensland cases revealed yesterday.

Though it’s still not clear how that person contracted the disease, sparking fears that it could be from community transmission.


Queensland Health says contact tracing is underway, and despite not knowing where it came from, insist we’re still tracking well.

It’s the Gold Coast’s first new case in eight days.

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Though overnight, authorities did reveal that the number of active cases on the Gold Coast has gone down again.

There are just 10 cases still active within the region, from a total of 193 diagnosed.

Health authorities are expected to provide another update later this morning.

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Because you can be A syptomatic for 21 days before you show a symptom. My brother in law was normal for 21 days after coming in contact with his neibour who has now died from Covid-19, before his symptoms started to show. 3 days later now 24 days post contact, his on a ventilator 24 hours to support his breathing. His only 40 years old.
They have no idea. Truely no idea. His kids and wife will test positive when results come back in coming days but show no symptoms at all.
The scary part is we say its safe to send kids back to school.

Clint, they have no idea what is going to happen. When winter comes, and our flu season starts. All hell is going to break loose!

We should be advised of which local area these new cases are in.
That way more meaningful testing to localised issues and then people could start to realise how close they are to the risk and take the testing seriously.
Gold Coast covers a very large area.

IE. Suburb, shopping centre, parklands etc.

I went for a haircut last Friday and none of the equipment is sterilized between customers, even more surprising was the guy began to trim my nose hairs before I realised what he was doing….. So take 3 clients per hour 8 hours per day, and good luck trying to track where a virusmight come from….