Health officials play down vaccination concerns after Gold Coast students fall ill

Gold Coast Health has shut down suggestions of a ‘bad batch’ of vaccinations, after a number of high school students felt ill after their jabs yesterday.

A regular vaccination clinic attended the Marymount College, giving more than 200 students the rubella and tetanus shots.

Later on in the day, 12 students presented to sick bay with complaints of a sore arm.


Two students then reportedly missed school (and NAPLAN tests) today, which is not believed to be abnormal.

A Gold Coast Health spokesperson said in a statement that sore arms are a common side effect, and that the vaccinations are safe.

“More than 4000 immunisations have been delivered during this year’s Gold Coast School Immunisation Program, using the same vaccine batches.

“The school has advised Year 7 absences today are typical of a regular school day.

“Immunisation is safe and the most effective method of preventing disease.

“School Immunisation Program clinics are provided by a team of specially trained registered nurses,” the statement reads.