Health officials play down vaccination concerns after Gold Coast students fall ill

Gold Coast Health has shut down suggestions of a ‘bad batch’ of vaccinations, after a number of high school students felt ill after their jabs yesterday.

A regular vaccination clinic attended the Marymount College, giving more than 200 students the rubella and tetanus shots.

Later on in the day, 12 students presented to sick bay with complaints of a sore arm.


Two students then reportedly missed school (and NAPLAN tests) today, which is not believed to be abnormal.

A Gold Coast Health spokesperson said in a statement that sore arms are a common side effect, and that the vaccinations are safe.

“More than 4000 immunisations have been delivered during this year’s Gold Coast School Immunisation Program, using the same vaccine batches.

“The school has advised Year 7 absences today are typical of a regular school day.

“Immunisation is safe and the most effective method of preventing disease.

“School Immunisation Program clinics are provided by a team of specially trained registered nurses,” the statement reads.

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Anyone who reads what is into vaccines and how they are made would not drink the stuff let alone allow it to be injected.

You should be ashamed for posting such an ill informed and inane remark.

I’ve read all the ingredients/ the amounts given / effects on the body scientifically in those amounts .. and I still get vaccinated.. so , I disagree there

Some kids will always try to get out of school and some parents are willing to let them.

Vaccines are not safe and never have been. Why do you keep repeating this lie. The sicknesses disappeared themselves with better living conditions, running water, better everything after the second world war. I witnessed it. The reports say that these children were given a Tetanus and a Rubella vaccine. There are no vaccines for these 2. In fact they would have been given a DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) and an MMR (measles, mumps, rubella and if it was an MMRV, it would also have included a live virus chicken pox vaccine) I would not be surprised if they did not slip in a Gardasil HPV one as well. Parents should demand to see the record of what vaccines were given. Did they give their consent and were they aware that at least 6 diseases were being injected in one session?

If people like you were capable of stopping vaccination, diseases that were rampant in the past would be causing havoc now. Thanks to vaccines, most infectious diseases have now been eradicated or can be prevented.

Yes, the parents all signed consent forms. The vaccinations were DTaP and HPV and that was explained on the forms.

If they got Rubella and Tetanus, does that mean they received the MMR live virus vaccine with the DTaP vaccine? Are we sure that these 2 vaccines should be given together, when the live virus vs killed virus vaccines have different modes of action and therefore different adjuvant materials, and no synergistic studies?
Or is your story wrong?
No wonder faith in this undertested program is waning… So blasé, playing with children’s long term health with no safety testing. Then so dismissive, ignoring any and all reports of injury.
Are we sure it’s such a good idea to do NO long term, placebo testing on a product injected into all children? ???

I cannot believe that this article actually made it to release ! A disgrace and from a public health promotion view point very jolly irresponsible.

Why not release it Beana?