Healthcare Australia ‘on notice of termination’ over vaccine bungle

The employer of the doctor accused of giving two elderly Queenslanders four times the recommended dose of the Pfizer vaccine has been put on notice of termination.

The doctor has been stood down after it was revealed he had not completed the vaccine training and should not have been allowed to administer the jabs.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd said the doctor concerned made a “serious mistake”.


“He delivered an incorrect dose of the vaccine to two people… He had not undertaken the required training on the safe use of the Pfizer vaccine,” Professor Kidd said.

“This incident has been reported, as is required, to the appropriate regulatory authority, the Office of the Health Ombudsman in Queensland, which will make a determination about whether to refer the incident on to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, AHPRA.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed the company responsible for the rollout of the vaccine in aged care facilities in Queensland, HealthCare Australia, lied to the Federal Government.

“They did not sight the certificate that he completed the training because he had not completed the training at the time that he delivered these vaccines,” Minister Hunt said.

“They’ve told us – it was in writing – I know the Chief Medical Officer received the advice in writing – that the full training had been completed. And in discussions they also indicated that they had it in writing and that they had sighted the certificate. So, that was false”.

He confirmed Healthcare Australia has been warned its contract will be terminated if there are any further breaches.

“The company has had the book thrown at it by Professor Brendan Murphy, as secretary – not something he does very often. And a series of actions are occurring,” Hunt said.

“Firstly, they have been put on notice of potential termination for any significant further breaches. Secondly, they have brought in their chair to act in an executive administration role. Thirdly, they’ve brought in additional senior management.”

Professor Kidd said the company is “clearly at fault” over the vaccine bungle.

“Two serious breaches have occurred. The doctor engaged by HCA acted without the required training and delivered an incorrect result of the vaccine to the two residents,” he said.

“The company did not meet its requirements under its contract with the Australian Government Department of Health.

“This doctor should not have been permitted to carry out these vaccinations without having completed the required training. This doctor should not have been permitted to carry out these vaccinations without proof of his completion of training being sighted by the company. And this doctor should not have been required to carry out these vaccinations as the sole registered health professional deployed by the company to this site.”

Thankfully the 88-year-old man and 94-year-old woman who were given the vaccine overdose are doing well.

“Both patients are well… Neither is suffering any adverse effects,” Minister Hunt told reporters from Canberra on Thursday.

“The woman will return home to her residential home in the facility after she’s had lunch today. That was the request of the family.

“The man will stay in hospital for no other reason other than he was actually admitted in preparation for elective surgery and an appropriate procedure unrelated to this.

“So, the fact that the surgery is proceeding, the fact that the woman in question is returning home, is, I think, a very positive sign.”

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Same story overseas a little bit suspicious I would think