Heart-stopping moment toddlers escape Gold Coast childcare centre

Terrifying dash-cam vision has captured the shocking moment two toddlers came within inches of oncoming traffic on a busy Gold Coast road after allegedly escaping a nearby childcare centre.

The footage shows the two young children, aged 2, running towards Foxwell Road in Coomera around 4.00pm on Thursday.

The owner of the dashcam video, Rondelle Nicol, told myGC she was returning home from the shops when she witnessed the “two babies just about on the road”.


“If it wasn’t for us and three schoolgirls who also helped they would have been run over,” Ms Nicols said.

“One of them was stepping out onto the road in the gutter, and all of the cars were just driving past, they didn’t even stop, we were the only ones that stopped.”

Ms Nicols said the three schoolgirls, who were walking their dogs along the footpath, were to thank for saving the lives of the two children.

“They stopped the babies from going out onto the road… they were walking ahead of them and turned around to see why we were stopping to pull over and they got there first,” she said.

“But if they didn’t see it, the babies would have been run over.”

The woman, from Coomera Waters, said she was extremely shaken up but more angry than anything else.

She said a staff member from the childcare centre arrived shortly after and apologised.

“The daycare lady came out and she was apologising over and over, and I just went off at her and said how can you not know where your children are?” Ms Nicols said.

“She said the gate was left open”.

An investigation involving Queensland police and the Department of Education is now underway.