‘Heartbreak Hotel’ calling on Gold Coasters to submit trinkets of love and breakups

A Gold Coast Hotel is launching a potentially savage pop-up exhibition in the New Year, and they’re calling on locals to fill it.

QT’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ wants to put the best and worst of love and breakups on display for us all to see, using very real and sometimes brutal stories to do it.

As part of the line up, a PlayStation (!!!) will be on display, stolen by a vexed partner who was done competing with FIFA for attention.


“You broke my heart so I stole your PlayStation, how are you going to play FIFA now?” the story reads.

QT wants to fill up their ‘Museum of Love and Disappointments’ with various trinkets and stories of both heartbreak and love that’ll ‘give you all the feels’.

“As anyone who’s been in love before can attest, relationships come with their fair share of collateral: good and bad.

“Maybe it’s the wedding dress you didn’t get to wear in 2020, the kettle you stole out of spite, the coin in your pocket the day you first kissed or the hastily scribbled love notes you passed in class 40 years ago,” the event description reads.

Once filled, the exhibition will run at the QT from February 1 – 21. What a Valentine’s Day idea!

If you’ve got your own object of love lying around, it can be part of the show. Just get in touch via QT’s Instagram page @qtgoldcoast.

For more information, click here.