Heartless thieves attack pregnant woman with hammer in horrifying armed robbery

A pregnant woman has been brutally attacked and had her handbag stolen by four masked men armed with baseball bats, a hammer and an axe.

Victoria Police said the horrifying attack occurred around 11.30pm last night, when the 24-year-old woman was walking by herself along a street in Noble Park.

The woman told police that as she was walking, a silver or blue Ford Falcon XR 6 sedan drove passed her and one of the occupants whistled.


It’s believed the woman, who is pregnant, quickly stepped up her pace, however the car turned around and drove up behind her with four men then approaching the woman, who is pregnant, with a baseball bat, hammer and axe.

The men demanded the woman hand over her handbag, however before she could even give it to them they allegedly struck her with a hammer.

They fled the scene after snatching the handbag from her hands and the woman was treated by paramedics for minor injuries.

Detectives believe the incident may have been linked to an attempted carjacking in Huntingdale earlier that night.

All of the men are perceived to be of African appearance and were wearing black clothing, as well as dark coloured ski masks.

Investigations are ongoing.