Heartless thieves targeting NSW flood victims

As if victims of ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie hadn’t been through enough, they are now being targeted by heartless thieves looking to take what little they have left.

Police issued a statement on Monday, warning people to remain wary of looters acting suspiciously in the flood-affected Lismore area.

In just one day, police were forced to ask more than 16 people to leave the Lismore CBD after they were spotted eyeing off residents property.


A 41-year-old man was arrested and issued a Court Attendance Notice for stealing property and intimidating locals who confronted the man.

“The residents of Lismore have suffered loss of life, loss of property and emotional turmoil from the recent flood events across Northern NSW,” police said.

“Haven’t they suffered enough without individuals stealing what items they have left!”

Richmond Detective Chief Inspector Cameron Lindsay said it appears some people believe flood damaged property equals ‘you can help yourself’.

“Residents are purely moving items outside to clean them off and return them inside businesses or homes and due to this activity are now becoming victims of theft.”

While police have increased mobile, foot and bicycle patrols in and around the Lismore CBD, people are being urged to make sure they report anyone who they believe is acting suspiciously.