Heat wave sparks fears for kids locked in cars

THE HEATWAVE hitting the Gold Coast has sparked warning for parents not to leave children unattended in cars.

RACQ has experienced a spike in the number of incidents across Queensland in the last week, rescuing 38 children, and as many as 11 in a single day.

RACQ Executive Manager Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said it was a disturbing trend, given temperatures were predicted to reach 40 degrees in some parts of Queensland today.


“RACQ patrols will be on high alert. We treat these call-outs as a top priority, to ensure the child is freed as quickly as possible,” Mr Spalding said.

“Our tests show it takes just seven minutes for a car’s internal temperature to reach 40 degrees.

“Whether you’re parking in the shade or if the weather is a little cooler the risks remain the same.

“Being exposed to such high temperatures in a car can kill or lead to severe injury for young children in a relatively short time.”

Mr Spalding said the majority of incidents where children are locked in cars, occurred by accident.

“Parents will often give their child the car keys to play with as they pack up the car,” he said.

“Unfortunately new car technology makes it even easier to lock your car with the click of a button. But it’s just as easy for a child to accidently lock themselves inside.