Heather left heartbroken after being dumped by Sam Wood on the Bachelor

The early favourite to win Sam Wood’s heart has been left crushed after being dumped by the bachelor last night.

Heather Maltman was forced to say goodbye to a future with the personal trainer, after she was left without a rose following family visits.

The 29-year-old actress put her heart on the line early on in the show, and was the clear favourite to win the hunk’s affections.


However bachie Sam ultimately decided they were better off as friends rather than lovers.

Following the rose ceremony, Sam told Heather: ‘The connection we had was great. I will never forget our date. I’ve been wanting and hoping that what I’ve felt is this amazing friendship would become more.’

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the brunette beauty said ‘It’s a relief to finally be honest and say, “He actually broke my heart”‘.