Heatwave conditions settle in on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast’s heatwave is in full swing today, with temperatures soaring into the mid-30s.

At the Seaway, temperatures will reach 34 degrees today, while Coomera is set to tick over 38 degrees.

A severe fire danger remains in place for the Gold Coast, and will likely continue tomorrow as well.


‘Hot and mostly sunny. Areas of smoke haze’ is the Bureau’s forecast for today, tomorrow and Sunday at this stage.

Jess Gardner from the Bureau says there’ll be little relief from the heat.

“We are in heatwave conditions through large parts of the east coast, it is stretching down into the southeast of Queensland as well.

“That’s with some pretty hot day time temperatures and along the coastline where we’ve got high humidity those night time temperatures are not easing back either.

“We are in those heatwave conditions and we’ll see that continue for the next couple of days over the weekend.

“The good news is, moving into Sunday we will see a southeasterly change come through which will drop those temperatures, and bring some more humidity to more inland places.

“So we’ll see the temperatures drop, an increase in humidity, and those fire dangers will drop back as well,” Ms Gardner said.

IMAGE | Sourced BOM.gov.au

We’re also in for smoke haze to stick around the Gold Coast today and tomorrow, it’s currently sitting at a ‘moderate’ rating according to the Air Quality Index.

Ms Gardner has warned it could worsen with the wind change on Sunday.

“We’re expecting for that smoke haze to stick around through today and tomorrow, and there’s a chance with that southeasterly change on Sunday that we could see that getting a bit worse as it moves up the coast and brings up some of the smoke from the New South Wales fires.

“Keep an eye on those health warnings, and that you can look after yourself as it does obviously present a bit of a health hazard,” Ms Gardner said.

While there is a very slight chance that Sunday’s southeasterly change could bring a small shower, Ms Gardner says we likely won’t see rain until next week.

“We do have another trough system that’s coming across Queensland through next week, so it’s looking like the best chance for south east Queensland is around mid next week for some rain, but otherwise a very dry weekend,” Ms Gardner said.