Heavy showers for the Gold Coast this weekend

The Gold Coast is in for a much-needed drenching this weekend, with showers starting to roll in later this morning.

We’re in for a day of showers and potential thunderstorms, before some patchy rain late this evening.

Overnight the rainfall is expected to thicken again, into a day of showers for the whole southeast Queensland region.


Up to 15 millimetres of rain has been predicted for today, while 15-35 millimetres is forecast for tomorrow.

Jess Gardner from the Bureau of Meteorology says an upper trough is moving northwards into Queensland today, combining with moist atmosphere.

“We’re looking at a lot of people saying in the region of 20-35 millimetres, again could see more than that underneath some heavy showers and thunderstorms, getting up to maybe 60 or 70 millimetres.

“It could be quite variable with those totals, but we’re hoping that everyone will see something.

“For much of Southern Queensland, this will be the best rain we’ve seen for several months.

“There’s some areas -particularly around the southern downs – that have been about 20 percent below its previous record lows in terms of rainfall for the last nine months.

“So there’s some places that are so dry and desperately in need of rain, so we’ve all got our fingers crossed for those places,” Ms Gardner told myGC.