Hell hath no fury…

THE saying goes that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’, and it’s not hard to see those words in action.

There have been countless movies made about women getting back at their ex-lover for cheating on them (John Tucker Must Die from 2006, and more recently The Other Woman), but neither hell nor fury can justify when these kind of plots find their way into reality.

In January, news went around about a woman who, when she found out her husband was cheating on her, cut off his manhood with a pair of scissors. When she found out that surgeons had sewn it back on, she snuck in and cut it off again.


In March, three women in the UK somehow found out they were sleeping with the same guy and, along with a male friend, decided to teach him a lesson. They lured him to a flat and tied him to a chair before beating him, cutting him with a pizza cutter and burning his genitals with a hair curler.

What’s most worrying about this story is that the attack was premeditated – to lure someone into a flat before giving them a once-over requires some serious planning and dedication to the cause.

So, at some point during the process, these ladies – one of whom had a young child at home – thought, ‘Yes, this is definitely the best course of action to take.’

Hint: it wasn’t.

Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned, but that doesn’t mean that fury has to be barbaric.

Good old-fashioned payback is one thing, but in the end it doesn’t matter how many women he’s slept with – nothing ever legitimises torture.

There’s fury, and then there’s downright sick and insane. Cutting off or burning a gentleman’s gentleman falls firmly into the latter category.

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise, but there are better ways to get back at your ex than chopping off his junk.
What happened to posting humiliating photos on Facebook?

Or better still, my vote goes for the classic clothes cull. If I were to be cheated on, I could think of nothing more supremely satisfying than cutting up all of his favourite clothes and throwing them out on the street.

And videoing it.

And posting it to social media for all the world to see.

I wonder how many likes it would get?

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