Help Animal Welfare League Queensland this Stray Animals’ Day

A loving home is one of the most basic needs, but sadly it’s what stray animals don’t have. They are often frightened, alone and don’t have somewhere safe to live.

You can help change that by supporting Animal Welfare League Queensland’s Stray Animals’ Day on April 4, 2021.

Fleur came into AWLQ’s care from a regional pound after she was found wandering the streets. She was covered in sores from scratching and had hardly any fur covering her skinny little body.


Melinda Phipps, AWLQ’s State Rehoming Manager, said it is unknown what Fleur had been through.

“Our dedicated team made it their mission to bring Fleur back to health. They took away her pain and suffering. This was only possible because of our generous community of supporters,” said Ms. Phipps.

Following weeks of veterinary treatment and dedicated care, Fleur is now loving life in a foster home as she recovers.

Her skin is healing and her fur starting to grow back. Soon she will be ready to find a new family who could provide her a second chance in a loving home.

AWLQ cares for close to 10,000 animals every year, many of which are stray and homeless like Fleur.

“We promise to never euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal in our care. Fleur is the embodiment of everything our promise stands for and demonstrates our commitment to our work with rural and regional pounds. Sadly, the only other alternative is euthanasia of these healthy and rehomable animals,” said Ms. Phipps.

In Australia, an estimated 140,000 healthy but unwanted dogs and cats are killed in Australian pounds each year. AWLQ has been working with 19 rural and regional pounds since 2017 to assist at-risk animals in struggling communities and has rehomed 1641 dogs from regional pounds, during this time.

“We rely solely on donations from our generous supporters to keep this promise and continue our lifesaving work within the community,” said Ms. Phipps.

Stray Animals’ Day on 4 April 2021 is a day to take action and support AWLQ. Your kindness will make a world of difference to animals just like Fleur – visit to donate.