Help fight Silence, Secrecy and Shame – the biggest friends of child abusers

It’s the 20th anniversary of White Balloon Day, our chance to donate to Bravehearts and help promote the organisation’s relentless fight against child abuse.

Bravehearts Founder Hetty Johnson AM said today flies the flag against Silence, Secrecy and Shame.

“Those three esses, as we call them, are the offenders’ very best friend and  our children’s very worst enemy.


“They cannot; they cannot commit these crimes without those three esses protecting them.

“But as a society we have done everything we can to make sure this is all cloaked in secrecy under the guise of privacy.”

Ms Johnson said keeping abuse behind closed doors is not helping our children; it only helps offenders.

“This past 20 years has been all about breaking down the silence and helping the community understand the problem and learn how to protect our children from predators and how to respond.”

She said while the organisation receives a little funding in some states, the vast majority of financial support comes from the community.

“For the most part it’s all done because people donate to Bravehearts and then we go out in the community and we protect these kids.

“Please make a donation. Just help us.

“We’re not going to get government funding because we’re too vocal. We need the support of the community.”

Need to talk?  Bravehearts is here to help (free call) 1800 272 831.