Help save marine wildlife and earn $1500 just by picking up litter!

Sea World Research & Rescue Foundation and Healthy Waterways are uniting in the fight against the staggering amount of litter entering South East Queensland’s waterways and threatening marine wildlife with the announcement of the Community Marine Debris Grant.

The Community Marine Debris Grants are now open and offers grants to support catchment groups, schools, landholders and the general community to undertake on-ground waterway litter cleanup activities with each successful applicant receiving up to $1,500 to assist with their efforts.

Healthy Waterways CEO, Julie McLellan said she hopes the grants will inspire the community to help in the ongoing fight against marine debris, as well as boost awareness about the issue to help reduce littering behaviour in the first place.


“Studies show waterway litter has profound negative impacts on marine wildlife, coastline aesthetics, the economy and human health,” Ms McLellan said.

“In recent years, entanglement and ingestion of marine debris have become one of the most common sources of mortality observed in endangered sea turtles globally.

Last year over 15,000 items of litter, such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and cigarette butts, plus a staggering 36km of discarded fishing line were collected.

Grant applications close Tuesday 19 April – If you would like to apply for a grant, click here.